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Published on September 16, 2013

Results from 2013 Baldwin City Small Town/Big Cause 5K

Baldwin City Awards: August 17, 2013

Champions Awards:

Overall Top Female: Jill Boyle 12:42.7

  1. Overall Top Male: Grant Holmes 17:49.3

Other Medals:

  1. Male 1st Place: Dallen Baily 24:22 2nd Place: Justin Downey 24:24 3rd Place: Caleb Ramesy 28:36

18 & Under

  1. Female 1st Place: Ambrynn Stewart 25:26 2nd Place: Adrianna Goebel 29:15.3

18 & Under

  1. Female 1st Place: Jessica Llull 25:41 2nd Place: Kathryn Ratzlaff 30:59 3rd Place: Tricia Dillard 33:32

Age Division: 19-29

  1. Male 1st Place: Corant Holmes 17:49 2nd Place: Andrew Trosper 23:20

Age Division: 19-29

  1. Female 1st Place: Jill Boyle 12:42.7 2nd Place: Karen Watkins 22:58 3rd Place: Jessica Baily 23:55

Age Division: 30-39

  1. Male 1st Place: Jason Crowder 26:32 2nd Place: Chris Ortiz 43:48

Age Division: 30-39

  1. Female 1st Place: Alice Stewart 25:37 2nd Place: Sherri Vaughn 31:14 3rd Place: Gretchen Morgan 33:08

Age Division: 40-49

  1. Male 1st Place: Kit Harris 20:56 2nd Place: William Feliciano 20:48 3rd Place: Andy Norris 21:35

Age Division: 40-49

  1. Female 1st Place: Becky McClure 27:51 2nd Place: Pam Brown 44:50 3rd Place: Carol Gaumer 48:23

Age Division: 50-59

  1. Male 1st Place: Keith Dowell 23:38 2nd Place: Joe Pedley 28:19 3rd Place: Rex Gaumer 48:23

Age Division: 50-59

  1. Female 1st Place: Diane Otte 32:21 2nd Place: Mary Jane Grinter 54:17

Age Division: 60+

  1. Male 1st Place: Josh Mihesuah 26:39 2nd Place: Michael Miller 36:29 3rd Place: Frank Williams 43:45

Age Division: 60+

Team Awards:

Threes Company (the team with the first 3 finishers): Fancy Pants

Biggest Heart (the team with the most members): LMH Therapy Services

Flashy Threads (the team with the most creative race apparel): Rodrock Team

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