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Ways to Give

Donate To Lawrence Memorial Hospital Endowment Association

Your gift of any size will help us accomplish the tangible. It will help you ensure that your good works outlive you and that your hospital will remain strong for the community as a whole.

It's possible that your employer will match funds that you donate to Lawrence Memorial Hospital Endowment Association. Please let us know if that is the case.

We have identified these “ways to give” your gift to the Endowment Association:

General Gift

Whether you want to make a general gift to support our community hospital or you want to designate a gift for a specific department (oncology, palliative, family birthing center) or a particular program such as the Help and Healing Fund (prescriptions and durable medical equipment for people whocan’t afford them), the General Gift is a perfect way to help build a foundation that supports the outstanding services that LMH provides.

Donate a General Gift Now

Tribute Gift

A tribute gift can be made to honor a birthday, an anniversary or any other occasion. Likewise, it can be designated to a specific cause or can be left to the Association’s discretion, to be used in an area of greatest need.

Donate a Tribute Gift Now

Memorial Gift

A memorial gift can be given in remembrance of a loved one, a respected friend or business colleague who has died. Likewise, it can be designated to a specific cause or can be made to the Association’s discretion in an area of greatest need.

Donate a Memorial Gift Now

Planned Gift

Planned giving is not just for the wealthy. Your gift of literally any size will help us accomplish the tangible. It will help you ensure that your good works outlive you and that your hospital will remain strong for those you leave.

Donate a Planned Gift Now

High Five League

A high five is a greeting of celebration. And no one can effectively "high five" alone. We need one another to make it work, much as a community or a community hosptial. So the LMH Endowment Association invites you to join the High Five League, a group of savvy individuals, families and businesses who want to stay in touch with all that’s going on at the hospital.

We recognize High Five League members, of course, but there’s more to it than that. Benefits of becoming a member of the High Five League.

Become a Member of the High Five League Now

Jamie's Wish

In her too short life, Jamie Pursley made an impact on everyone she met. And as she was bravely fighting breast cancer, she wanted to make an impact on the LMH Oncology Center. She asked her friends to make sure the treatment rooms were renovated into spaces that fostered hope, courage and strength for all the people and families that spend times in those rooms during their treatment. Your gifts are helping Jamie’s Wish come true and impacting the lives of countless LMH Oncology Center patients.

Jamie's Wish

Donate to Jamie's Wish Now

Catch a Break

Catch a Break- helping with the cost of survivorship.  While many cancer-related foundations and organizations direct their attention to the very worthy efforts of prevention, screening, treatment, or research, the Catch a Break fund focuses on survivors when they return home, Catch a Break extends a hand to survivors who lost their job, drained their savings to help themselves or a family member, or is forced to choose between buying cancer medication and providing a holiday meal for their family. Catch a Break funds go directly to survivors and their families. Your contributions will assist with a little extra boost for rent, food, assistance during the holidays or simply provide a gift of comfort or clothing.

Catch a Break

Donate to Catch a Break Now

Mario's Closet

Mario’s Closet is a comforting place for patients and survivors to restore their confidence, dignity and hope. We provide custom solutions for the visible effects cancer and other illnesses can have on people's bodies, including wig and salon services, mastectomy bras and prostheses, cosmetics, skin care products and more.

Mario's Closet

Donate to Mario's Closet Now

Supporting Lawrence Memorial Hospital

Your gift ensures Lawrence Memorial Hospital is a destination for healthy living in Lawrence and our surrounding communities. Contributions support exceptional healthcare and a future focused on our collective, lifelong health. Make a gift online >