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2014 Hearts of Gold: A Patient's Story

Glenda Anderson

Glenda Anderson

During a weeklong stay at Lawrence Memorial Hospital, 79-year-old Glenda Anderson was more than satisfied with the staff and care they provided. But she found that the quality of the facilities did not match the quality of the staff.

Proceeds from the 2014 Hearts of Gold Ball were used to finance some of the renovation of the fourth floor, which houses the acute rehabilitation and skilled nursing units. The project included upgrading rooms on the floor into private rooms and giving the floor an uplift to provide patients with a more comfortable space to heal.

Great Staff

“I was very pleased,” Glenda says of her eight-day hospitalization in March for treatment of pneumonia. “The entire staff is above and beyond, I think anyone’s expectations, as far as professionalism, knowledge, caring and when appropriate, just fun. Lighthearted humor, friendly, fun, but very, very professional.”

During her week of rest and recovery, Glenda says, one of the fourth floor staff checked on her hourly. They gave her breathing treatments, checked her temperature and, during the first couple days, helped her to the bathroom if necessary.

She also did rehab four to five times each day during her stay on the fourth floor. Staff would help her walk, monitoring her breathing and walking. Now that she’s been dismissed from LMH, she is aware that she may need pulmonary rehab in the future.

“There is such an assurance knowing they have everything you need there,” Glenda says.

Overall, Glenda had a positive experience on the fourth floor.

She emphasizes the professionalism and undivided attention that she received from all of the doctors she encountered.

“There were several of them, all of them excellent, all worked together. All young, no more than 18 years old,” Glenda jokes, “That is good, I would much rather have young doctors who know the latest.”

Private Rooms

However, she would have preferred a private room. Her roommate, who Glenda described as a very nice lady, kept a different schedule from Glenda. She watched television late at night and slept during the day. Glenda struggled to sleep with the light on and the television playing.

She remembers thinking to herself: “I’ll ask to be moved tomorrow, and I thought, but then get who?”

The fourth floor staff brought her earplugs and she spoke to her roommate but says, “Private rooms would be so much better.”

“Especially when you would have company or she would have company, or when you have a telephone call. You can’t help but overhear a telephone call, and there would be times when those would be private conversations.” 

Goal Accomplished

The goal of the renovation to the fourth floor was to address this exact concern. LMH now can provide private, comfortable spaces for healing that are also welcoming for visits from patients’ families and friends, thanks to the support of generous donors who contributed to this project.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who supported the 2014 Hearts of Gold Ball. We still need your help with the $4 million renovation project for the Lawrence Memorial Hospital 4th Floor inpatient rehabilitation unit. If you can donate, please visit our donation center. Once there, fill out the form and please indicate that you are making a GENERAL DONATION, and designate your gift for SKILLED NURSING.

Sponsor Hearts of Gold

The generosity of corporate sponsors is one reason for the Hearts of Gold Ball success. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities for the 2016 Hearts of Gold Ball, contact Tiffany Hall, Annual Giving Manager at LMH Endowment Association.


Volunteers are needed to assist with decorating, greeting guests, escorting corporate sponsors, helping with the silent and live auctions, and a variety of other activities. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, contact Tiffany Hall, Annual Giving Manager at LMH Endowment Association.