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Eudora small town BIG CAUSE 5K Run/Walk Winners

Published on June 27, 2013

Eudora small town BIG CAUSE 5K Run/Walk Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our 5th Annual small town BIG CAUSE in Eudora!! Thank you to all who came out to join us this year!

Winning Results:

1st Female overall: Starla Jones

1st Male overall: Jonathan Miller

1st Female 19-29: Jessica Hull

1st Female 30-39: Mary Diehl Fisher

1st Female 40-49: Amy Shanks

1st Female 50-59: Jane Maskus

1st Male 18-under: Bowan Jones

1st Male 20-29: Matthew Johnson

1st Male 30-39: James Fisher

1st Male 40-49: Miles Marshall

1st male 50-59: Richard Campbell

1st Male 60+: Michael Miller

2nd Female 18-under: Siera Hartwell

2nd Female 30-39: Brandi McCormick

2nd Female 40-49: Jody Gregory

2nd Female 50-59: Pam Brown

2nd Male 19-29: Garret Weber

2nd Male 30-39: Dan Sours

2nd Male 40-49: Mitch Johnson

2nd Male 50-59: Joe Pedley

3rd Female 18-under: Samantha Gregory

3rd Female 30-39: Tammi Soileau

3rd Female 40-49: Kirsten Evans

3rd Male 18-under: Dawson Jones

3rd Male 30-39: Pradeep Natarjan

3rd Male 40-49: Brian Donovan

Congrats to all of our participants! Great job!!!

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