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Excellent care motivates LMH donor

Published on August 27, 2015

Excellent care motivates LMH donor

For Nancy Helmstadter, giving to Lawrence Memorial Hospital
is about giving back for wonderful care that she and family members have
received. It’s also about looking to the future – and wanting to ensure that
care is available to all of us, whenever we need it.

Helmstadter explains in her own words why LMH is so important to her:

All of us get monthly requests to donate toward worthy causes. I chose LMH because of my mother, Helen Friend Lindsey. She grew up in Lawrence and in her later years, when she took sick in the night, alone and afraid, LMH always was there to give her the care required until I could fly home.

Nancy HelmstadterNow, I’m alone, and the ball has come full circle. I, too, can count on LMH and my patient family physicians.

I elected to give to the hospital’s Fourth Floor renovation project in my mother’s name so others could receive the benefits of good treatment.

Since LMH is self-funded -- and receives no tax support from the city or county – it is doubly important to support our local hospital. Never forget the importance of the LMH Endowment Association. For without its strength, the hospital cannot ensure it can purchase the technologies that set it apart from other hospitals or hire the best physicians and other medical staff.

To donate on-line or call the LMH Endowment Association, 785-505-6134.

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