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Grateful patients say 'thank you' for world-class care

Published on June 14, 2016

Staff members at Keller Plastic Surgery received recognition for the world-class care they provided to a patient.Presenting world-class pins to the staff are, far left, Dr. Marc Scarbrough, chief of the LMH medical staff, and Kathy Clausing-Willis, far right, LMH vice president/chief development officer. Staff members are Vonda Kaup, registered nurse, second from left; Dr. John Keller; and Leslie Koerner, office coordinator. Presentation of the pins is part of the LMH Endowment Association's grateful patient program.

Grateful patients say 'thank you' for world-class care

We hear it often. Patients tell us that their care at Lawrence Memorial Hospital was exceptional and that they would like to say thank you.

The LMH Grateful Patient Program offers patients and their families a way to tell us about the world-class care they received.

We love hearing those stories, and we especially love passing them on to our nurses, doctors, volunteers and staff. Many patients or family members choose to make gifts through this program to honor those caregivers. Those gifts help ensure Lawrence Memorial Hospital is the best community hospital possible – now and in the future.

We’re proud of the life-saving work done at LMH, and we’re pleased we provide world-class care for our friends and neighbors.

It’s important to celebrate our commitment to our community. And so, the LMH Endowment Association is awarding World-Class pins to the nurses, doctors, volunteers and staff who our patients have told us about. World-Class pins recently were given to:

-- John Keller, MD, and two staff members at Keller Plastic Surgery, Vonda Kaup, registered nurse, and Leslie Koerner, office coordinator. A grateful patient recognized their world-class care.

-- Cori Green, registered nurse, and April Atchak, clinical associate. A patient wrote: “I had great care, but I really got attached to Cori and April. They were on the day shift, so I got to know them better. Love them! Doctors were all pleasant.

-- Lindsey Lumley, registered nurse. A patient told us: “You were a blessing to me – an old woman, 95, and a young happy girl who made me laugh. The very best medicine. Thank you for making my stay at LMH as good as it could be.”

If you would like to share your story about world-class care at LMH, please tell us your story, and if you are interested in donating to LMH in honor of one of our nurses, doctors, volunteers and staff, please visit our donation page.

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